Advanced Training Sessions for Firefighting Professionals

Firefighting trainees must understand basic principles before they can be expected to use fire extinguishing equipment successfully. FireProTec’s advanced fire training classes provide the knowledge and hands-on experience your team needs to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Ideal for fire departments, police, and military personnel.

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Agents & Theories

Fire involves a series of interconnecting chemical reactions; we will learn the theories of extinguishment relative to dry chemical, halogenated, inert gas and wet agent fire extinguishers.

Capabilities & Limitations

Incipient stage firefighting requires split-second decision making; therefore training needs to be done to ensure the operator makes decisions based on judgement and not emotion. This judgement will help them decide whether to fight or flight.

Application Technique

This section covers the best practices for each agent using traditional methods. Most failures involved in incipient stage firefighting can be traced to improper technique.


Even the best piece of equipment will not operate unless it has been maintained properly. This class will cover the four basic maintenance intervals required by NFPA 10.

What our customers say about our classes

Delta Marketing Group

"The training we received from FireProTec has opened our eyes to employee safety and compliance. Dave Morrison delivers a remarkable live fire training class."

David Houston

Delta Marketing Group

Hazelett Corporation

"I must say, David Morrison did one heck of a job in his fire extinguisher training class today. I almost hated to leave. His wit, his enthusiasm for the subject, his audience engagement, his knowledge of the subject and his overall professionalism made for a very fun/effective presentation. It was like a motivational talk."

Raymond J. Clavelle Jr.

Hazelett Corporation

Hazelett Corporation

"I actually was thanked by my co-workers for arranging David’s presentation.

One of my co-workers was associated with NASA, he is our ‘rocket scientist.’ He has advanced technical degrees from two prestigious universities. He told me David’s presentation was ‘the best’ training program he has ever attended."

Peter Rowan

Hazelett Corporation

Burlington High School

"I received training at the VNA by one of your trainers. I now work at Burlington High School and this morning there was a live fire in school. Because of my training I was able to successfully put out the fire."

Josh Edelbaum

Burlington High School

VT Dept. of Health Laboratory

"I have had compliments all day about your training. Many have told me it was the best training they have ever had. You have this crazy ability to combine important life-saving information with side-splitting humor!"

Cheryl Brinkman

VT Dept. of Health Laboratory