Diagnosing, Designing, and Installing Fire Suppression Systems

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You can count on FireProTec to diagnose, design, install and maintain a fire suppression system that’s perfect for your application. We are factory trained, with over 50 years of experience. Our certified technicians are located throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and New York.

The Right System for the Right Application

Expert Service & Maintenance After Installation

Once the installation is complete, you can count on FireProTec to provide professional system maintenance, service and repair that ensures your business is fully compliant and prepared.

Restaurant Suppression Systems

FireProTec is a trusted provider of fire protection solutions for commercial kitchens in restaurants, hospitality, institutions, schools, and residential cooking applications. Our factory-certified and licensed designers and technicians design, install, service and maintain these crucial systems for maximum safety and compliance. Learn more.

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Some applications require a way to put out a fire that's safe for the room's contents and the environment. FireProTec provides sustainable, clean agent fire suppression solutions that are easy on the environment without sacrificing performance. Learn more.

Special Hazard Suppression Systems

We offer specialized fire suppression systems for industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications that require a custom solution for handling unique hazards. FireProTec is trained in the design, installation and maintenance of these special hazard applications. Learn more.