Industry-Leading Fire Suppression Systems for Restaurant Kitchens

Restaurant kitchens. There’s no place more likely to have a fire. The only way to protect a restaurant kitchen is with a fire suppression system over the cooking equipment. The only business you can trust to design, install and maintain that vital system is FireProTec. We have the experience to install it quickly and keep it operating safely for many years to come. FireProTec is the northeast’s leading provider of fire suppression solutions for kitchens in restaurants and institutions. Our fully-licensed factory-trained technicians will make sure your systems is installed correctly and operates trouble-free.

Factory-Supported System Design & Installation:

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Live Fire Safety Training for Restaurant Staff

Live Fire Safety Training for Restaurant Staff

Do your restaurant staff members know what to do if a fire starts in your kitchen? Do they understand their roles and responsibilities in the event of a fire? Do they even know where the fire extinguishers are in your kitchen?

FireProTec is New England’s leading workplace fire safety trainer, providing hands-on, OSHA-certified workshops to restaurant staffs across the region. We train on-site at your facility, providing in-depth education and hands-on fire extinguisher experience to your team. Don’t leave the safety of your employees, your customers, and your facility to chance—schedule fire safety training today.