Custom Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Manufacturing Applications

Kidde United Technologies Ansul FireTrace Stat-X

Many industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications require specialized fire suppression. FireProTec is trained in the design, installation and maintenance of these special hazard applications.

High-Performing Fire Suppression Systems to Protect Your Most Valuable Business Assets

Industrial Systems

FireProTec offers a full line of special hazard fire protection products, including fire suppression/detection systems, extinguishing agents, and portable fire extinguishers.


FireTrace Systems provide cost-effective, stand-alone, automatic fire suppression for your critical production equipment, electrical enclosures, and various micro-equipment enclosures.


Aerosol Fixed System is an innovative, cost-effective and ecologically safe solution for rapid fire extinguishing and protection of high value enclosures.

Foam Systems

Foam systems rapidly secure flammable liquid fires. When protection is needed in flammable aircraft storage and process areas, foam systems offer many advantages over conventional water-based systems.

Carbon Dioxide Systems

The original "clean" agent, carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind any agent residue to damage sensitive equipment. Because there is no agent to clean up, you’re back in business faster. To provide the most economical system arrangement without sacrificing performance, we offer both high and low pressure systems, from Kidde Fire Systems and Ansul.